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How to Cook Using an Air Fryer Air fryers make use of heated air, not hot oil, to cook food. Using what they call Rapid Air Technology, the best air fryers for the home can cook your food using no oil or a very minimal amount. What exactly is an air fryer and its function? How Is cooking with heated air alone possible? Specifically, by rapidly moving hot air. Such a modern kitchen appliance features a heating component together with a fan. The machine’s heating element warms up the air and the fan then blows this hot air in all directions. Such rapidly moving air that strikes food in every single direction facilitates the cooking. Yes, it appears to work just as the convection oven does — by using hot air to cook food.
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There are a couple variety of air frying appliances available nowadays. One uses a basket for cooking; the other one makes use of the non-stick bowl along with a paddle. Which of the two is then best to use for home cooking?
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A well-known brand of this hot air cooking appliance that uses a basket has two models available – the manual hot air cooker and its digital counterpart. While both share an utmost temperature, which is 390 degrees Fahrenheit, the digital version has the highest timer of 60-minutes. The manual version, however, comes with a maximum timer of only 30-minutes. It is easy to control. The cooking process starts after putting the ingredients into the machine’s basket that sits above a drip drawer tray, pushing the basket into it, and activating the timer and the temperature. In order to evenly cook the food, it is recommended that you shake the food in the middle of the cooking procedures. In terms of air fryer that uses a paddle, there exist only a single brand at present. Such brand comes with a paddle that you use for stirring the food during the process. It thus eliminates the necessity of shaking the food at halfway point of cooking. Frozen foodstuff can be cooked without having to use additional oil. For example, there is no need to add oil to produce crisp as well as moist out of frozen fries. As regards homemade fries, you have to allocate 30-minutes to soak these in water and a tablespoon of cooking oil is needed before you cook them. The fries will taste a lot like they have been deep fried in some considerable amount of cooking oil. It is definitely possible to eat tasty fried food without the usual fat. This means lesser oil, fewer calories, as well as healthier food.